'Trudy' - True Community CU's Intelligent Virtual Assistant, powered by interface.ai, is live on the CU's Call Center


TRUE Community Credit Union, is a credit union having 138 years of combined experience, serving over 64,400+ members, is now offering 24x7 personalized support to all its members with interface.ai’s award-winning Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA).

TRUE Community Credit Union’s IVA, 'Trudy', that is powered by interface.ai, is now available on TRUE Community Credit Union’s call center.

Members can interact with 'Trudy' 24X7 by calling: 517 200 3289

Through this solution’s launch, members who choose to call the call center will interact with 'Trudy' and instantly find answers to their questions, enabling TRUE Community CU to provide full service to members 24/7. With this increased capability and efficiency, the credit union’s staff will be able to provide personalized support to members in need, thus improving the overall member experience.

“Trudy's ability to continuously learn and improve enables us to provide the best member experiences continuously. It will help us to handle the increased call center traffic and offer 24/7 member support. This technology will also enable our staff to solve complex member issues and provide solutions that were previously not possible due to time constraints” said Valerie Schuette, Chief Operating Officer, TRUE Community Credit Union.

On the technology & the timing of the project, Valerie Schuette, Chief Operating Officer TRUE Community Credit Union, said, “With the recent merger, we saw significant growth in membership and the number of member inquiries in the call center. We needed a solution that would help us efficiently manage the increased volumes and respond to our members instantly. None of the traditional solutions, such as outsourcing a contact center and hiring additional staff, were scalable. We discovered that interface.ai's IVA could help us handle the increased call volumes seamlessly and also enhance operational efficiencies.”

On the partnership with interface.ai, Catherine Molden, Director of Branch Services, added, “Compared to other vendors, we really liked interface.ai’s IVA capabilities and the technology’s roadmap. The possibility to cross-sell our different products and services seamlessly through it was intriguing. interface.ai’s IVA technology will also free up our employees from working on transactional activities and help them engage in more personalized conversations with members in need.”

Srinivas Njay, Founder and CEO of interface.ai, adds, “The pandemic has made member behavior on call centers permanent. There is a sustained increase in call center traffic, in the order of 30 - 40% on average, across financial institutions. This increased traffic has resulted in increased wait times & abandonment rates leading to poor member experience. We believe implementing Intelligent Virtual Assistants is the only way for most financial institutions to offer timely support, provide personalized service to members at scale and manage operations efficiently. We are excited to partner with TRUE Community Credit Union and enable them to improve their service levels, engage better with their members, and also seamlessly onboard new members.”

About TRUE Community Credit Union :

TRUE Community Credit Union has 138 years of combined experience serving members, communities, and employees. It has an asset size of over $677 million and strives to deliver the best financial services and products to its 64,400+ members.

For more information, please visit www.trueccu.com

About interface.ai:

interface.ai provides an out-of-the-box Intelligent Virtual Assistant that acts as a “personal banking teller” to help members 24x7 through every step of their journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness. interface.ai’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants currently power several Banks and Credit Unions across the world. For more information, please visit www.interface.ai.