[San Francisco, California], [February 16, 2021] - interface.ai, the award-winning Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA) provider for financial institutions, announced that Share One customers can now launch their IVA in less than 2 weeks to transform their call center from a cost to a revenue center.  interface.ai’s built-in integrations to NewSolutions’ APIs will enable a turnkey setup of interface.ai’s IVA for Share One customers and enable them to launch the IVA on the call center (AI Call center) within two weeks with about 95% accuracy in understanding member requests and fulfilling most of the member requests automatically on Day 1 of the launch.

Several Credit Unions that have already chosen NewSolutions for core banking have a head start in evolving member experiences because of the open banking APIs. This brings a significant advantage for Credit Unions to adopt innovative solutions such as interface.ai which can help transform member experiences from Digital to Intelligent first.

The IVA helps Credit Unions quickly respond to one of the most significant challenges today: increasing call volumes. Traditionally, call center operations have been challenging due to staff attrition, issues with hiring & training. With the pandemic, there is a change in member behavior & an increased call volume is observed across Credit Unions, even after the reopening of branches. This has led to increased stress on call centers leading to higher abandonment rates, increased call wait times, low-resolution rates, and overall, a poor member experience.

With interface.ai’s IVA, Credit Unions can bring down the cost per call from over $1.5 per minute to less than $0.2 per minute, offer 24X7 support and scale seamlessly to manage increased call volumes without having to hire additional staff, and bring call abandonment rates & wait times to zero. The IVA not only helps Credit Unions to support members round-the-clock, but it also engages members through financial insights and drives revenues through up-sell & cross-sell.

“interface.ai’s IVA is already one of the top choices for a lot of customers of Share One today. We are excited to announce this seamless integration of our IVA with NewSolutions core platform. This will enable us to set up our IVA for Share One’s customers in a turnkey fashion and help them overcome challenges & realize ROI quickly,” said Srinivas Njay, Founder & CEO of interface.ai.

About Share One, Inc.

Share One, Inc., a CUSO headquartered in Memphis, TN, is a leading developer of credit union core processing software and serves an expanding client base of credit unions with assets ranging from $10 million to over $2 billion. The NewSolutions core technology provides a full range of advanced features, including comprehensive support for consumer, mortgage, and commercial loans; a full suite of electronic and cloud-based services; a fully integrated, member-centric imaging system; and exceptional operational efficiency. For more information visit www.shareone.com.

About interface.ai

interface.ai is a market leader providing out-of-the-box Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA) that acts as a “personal credit union teller” to help members 24x7 through every step of the journey from being a prospect to achieving financial wellness. interface.ai’s AI-powered call center, where the IVA is available on the call center channel, has revolutionized call centers for Credit Unions by transforming their call centers from a cost center to a revenue center. Visit www.interface.ai to learn more.