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Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union Takes 1st Step In Its Journey To Incorporate Artificial Intelligence


Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union(PSFCU) has taken the first step in incorporating Artificial Intelligence(AI) to upgrade member experience from digital to intelligent. For this initiative, PSFCU has partnered with interface.ai’s award-winning Intelligent Virtual Assistant(IVA).

interface.ai’s IVA solution, ‘Smart Discovery’

It will be launched on PSFCU’s website to help their members and prospects get answers to any questions 24x7.

This initiative will allow PSFCU to invest minimal resources and experience the benefits of AI before scaling its efforts.

You can learn more about the key reasons why interface.ai is the preferred IVA vendor for CUs by clicking on the link below -

Key reasons why interface.ai is the preferred Intelligent Virtual Assistant vendor for Credit Unions

And, you can hear from CU leaders on the benefits they experience with interface.ai by clicking on the link below -