Another year has gone by, and a new one to roll around soon. To celebrate the end to a great year, interface has put together some gifts for your customers (and members), and for you!

interface powered digital assistants can help significantly improve your customer experience.

1.      Find the right products

Help customers discover products best suited to their needs

2.      Sign up for the product

Guide them through every step of the application process

3.      Approve and issue the product

Connect with backend systems to process their applications immediately

4.      Manage their account

Enable customers & members to make changes to their account without requiring assistance

5.      Easily transact over digital channels

Let users simply “voice” their intent to perform even complex transactions on their own

6.      Get help when needed

Be the first line of support and provide help 24x7

7.      Improve call center experience

Bring in the contact center staff when needed, with full context of previous conversations

8.      Get personalized advice

Provide personalized recommendations to customers & members based on their financial data

9.      Provide an omni-channel experience

Allow users to easily switch channels based on their convenience, over voice or text

10.   Ongoing support for your call center reps

Provide Call Center Reps onboarding and ongoing support so they can help customers efficiently

11.   HR & Payroll assistant

Enable Pulse surveys, performance reviews, benefits enrollment – all in a conversational format

12.   IT helpdesk

Help employees with IT support issues

interface combines natural language understanding with deep domain knowledge to be a “personal bank teller” for your members and a “personal employee assistant” for your staff. Just what you need this year!

Happy Holidays from us at interface!

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash